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This light to medium pressure massage hits all the high notes of relaxation while still offering relief from general soreness. Soothing effleurage and kneading techniques help to relax body and mind for a deeply restful experience. It can also be a great option for those sensitive to deep tissue but still looking for relief in specific areas or trigger point work.

Flower Petals

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue is a great option for anyone looking to relieve pain in specific areas, or simply those who prefer more pressure. Tailored to the needs of each client, this massage may include stretching, myofascial work, and neuromuscular techniques.

Dramatic Flowers

Vacuum Therapy

In this full body treatment, gliding cups are used over back, arms and legs to promote lymphatic drainage and myofascial release, with the added benefits of firming areas more prone to cellulite. Light to medium pressure Swedish massage integrated in as well for a completely relaxing experience.

Add on to any massage for no additional charge


Enjoy a customized blend of essential oils to bring your massage to the next level. Choose from  a wide selection for your perfectly customized aroma.


Originating from Traditional Chinese Medicine, cupping is another method for releasing tension in muscles and connective tissue. Small cups are placed in areas of tension with a small amount of suction to allow blood to flow back into tight area, releasing trigger points and fascia.

Hot Stone

The heat of warm stones help to soothe the muscles more quickly, allowing deeper relaxation, while the cold stones improve the tone of the tissues, as well as providing pain relief. Choose from either hot or cold, or both! In this service, we use stones on every area that is being massaged.

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