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Welcome to my Blog!


As I move towards my ten-year anniversary of practicing massage (it's ten years next month!) I'm excited to spend six weeks in Thailand as I study Thai Massage. When I return, I hope to be able to offer more vareity in my practice, and more options for my clients. This means I will be out of the office from February 8th until March 26th so get on my calendar while you still can!

So what is Thai massage?

I once heard Thai massage described as yoga for lazy people, and I love that description. Imagine getting all the benefits of yoga's stretching, minus the class, plus massage. The traditional way to experience Thai, is on a mat on the floor, with the person receiving the massage fully clothed. Full body stretching, range of motion, and feel-good compressions really give the receiver a unique and unforgettable experience.

Can Thai be integrated into a regular table massage?

Yes! Thai massage can be integrated into a typical oil massage on the table. I will be taking a special class to learn how to do this. Adding these stretches can take a massage to the next level. I already use some stretches in my practice, so this will help me to expand on some of the work I already do.

As always, I appreciate every single one of my clients for coming back to see me time, and time again. I would not be here without you all.

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